The Mode web strategy follows a simple 4 step process to develop the concept, the strategy and ultimate web solution.


Using a number of tools developed exclusively by Mode Solutions for the process (available for purchase now from ), we are able to conceptualise the web solution and then evaluate the route most likely to create short term and long term website success.

For some it is as simple as creating a 4 page website that simply showcases the companies name, products and services.

Regardless, we go through the same process whether it is a £100 website or a £10,000 website.


It is and has always been our practice to review what the client wants, evaluate its potential, advise and then respond to client requests.

At every stage we work to ensure that the only owner of your website is you.

So we develop our web solutions that fit you not the other way around.

We do fully understand that web technology can be a scary environment for those not used to it. We see ourselves as guides, here to help you understand and deal with anything when it goes outside of comfort zones.

For that reason the purpose of evaluation and research is to determine the best solution, not just the most comfortable, the easiest or necessarily the cheapest. A project limited by budget may not necessarily be the most effective, so it is our job to find a way to deliver effectiveness within cost efficiency.


That is why strategy, for us, is key to a website that works.

We start with the brief - What are you attempting to achieve, what is the site there to do and how do you want it to work.

The design process is where we create ideas and develop a basic structure for your website for the purpose of refining with your direct input.

The Research and Planning - is evaluating your market, competitors a SWOT ananlysis and online marketing options.

Finally, the publishing of the site. All sites leave the Mode factory fully optimised and ready for search engine review.