Creating Success through

Search Engine Marketing

simplest done is soonest marketed

The rules of online marketing are changing constantly, but throughout the simplest of rules hold true.

Market to your customer not to your search engine.

If the search engines can easily see what you do without having to trawl through clever gimmicks and regulatory tick boxes then the chances are that you will achieve better positioning more efficiently.

There are no quick fixes, no short cuts. You are either in this for the long term or not.

Online Marketing Process

Developing a marketing process is key to long term success. Organic development of a marketing programme is more successful than a full and finished solution. It shows growth and coimmitment not just to search engines but to your customers as well. To that end, we offer a full and complete marketing package.

Sell yourself by giving your visitors more than you need to and more than they expect.

One of the key elements of achieving good positioning is to be appealing by virtue of the information you give freely.

The more you give, the more you stand a chance of being referenced by others. Especially if you are clearly knowledgeable about your product, service or expertise.

If you are referenced by others then search engines will see the links back to your site and position you appropriately.

Simply done, problem solved.

Service Prices

If regional, use the area you cover a lot in your content and register your site on Google Places or Bing Places.

Also make sure you have your address clearly visible.

Any strategy for marketing has to be flexible and takes advantage of significant changes in news, events and dates.

Plan long term, plan short term and constantly revisit.

Social media is useful if you plan to use it to develop a following.

Build a following on your experience, your product knowledge and give away some of your expertise.

Who do they list with and what do they offer.

Opportunities exist by seeing what your competitors are doing and then offering the same but better or giving a good alternative.